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Imaging USA 2014: NPDP Invades Phoenix

After the holiday rush, NPDP takes some time in January to plan out our year. We make individual and team goals and take significant time to educate ourselves on the latest and greatest in the photography industry. As a Certified Professionally Photography studio, we pride ourselves on constantly learning, evolving, and being the absolute best at what we do in our ever-changing and highly competitive industry. 

Therefore, every spring, we attend conferences and tradeshows across the nation to learn from the best and discover the latest technology. This year, we traveled to bright and sunny Phoenix, Arizona for five days of sun and fun... Not really. We spent most of our time holed away in conference rooms learning from the industry's best and walking the tradeshow floor. 

Although none of us got a tan or spent much time meandering as eager tourists through the city, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Nate received his Bronze Medal for his amazing image portfolio at the PPA Grand Imaging Awards. There was a mac and cheese bar at conference closing event! The weather was beautiful. We learned about everything from SEO to pet photography to creating WOW Senior imagery. We even found an ice rink! 

But we are back now and ready to put all of our thoughts and goals to work. Below are just a few of the instagram shots we caught throughout the week. Enjoy!