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Sally's Glam Portrait Session

This week, we have been pretty neglectful of the blog. For anyone that hasn't stopped by the studio in the last few weeks and seen us running from one session to the next, I'll give you an NPDP news update... we are crazy busy! NP Design & Photography is in full-fledged senior portrait season and fall sports photography is ramping up. 

Amidst all this craziness, we are taking time out for one very special lady - our wonderful friend, Sally Field. Sally originally came to NP Design & Photography for a professional headshot portrait late last year and has been stuck with us ever since! In January, she participated in our Glamour Portraits Limited Edition Series and we all had an absolute blast. 

Below are some of Sally's favorite images, a few special spreads from her custom-designed album, and her beautiful slideshow.


From Sally: "Nate had Latin music playing and I LOVE that music. I started dancing around in my little black dress and he got what I was feeling."


"The album was my husband's Valentine's gift and he LOVED picking out what images he wanted!"


"I was having way too much fun. {My session} was way too short! I could have played for hours! Love you guys!"


"Nate and Teresa put together an amazing slideshow too!"