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Collage Wall Art - An NPDP Must!

Master Photographer Nate Peterson is known for taking dramatic, quality portraits which often makes it difficult when choosing wall art.  Our custom collage creations are the perfect solution!


We love to take several images and layer them together to create a unique art piece that showcases different poses and expressions.


Our custom collages are a big hit with seniors!  Most of our seniors get at least one collage sometimes more depending on their hobbies, sports or musical talents.


NPDP Graphic Designer, Allie Wrich takes Nate's images and adds just that special touch of graphics, overlays and text to make the final collage a work of art!


Collages from NPDP come as framed portraits, gallery wrapped canvas and even metal prints.  All of these products come ready to for you to take home and instantly hang on your walls.  After all, why wait to start enjoying your custom artwork!

by Nate Peterson