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Guide to your Senior Year!

1.Take the SAT/ACT at least one more time. We know that you were ready to move on from that phase in your life, but just one more try towards the end of your second semester in school with the goal to raise your score by just one or two more points can help immensely with the dollar amount you can get scholarship wise. And if you score stays the same when you take it again, that’s okay too. Just know that you tried one more time, because if your score does raise that extra $500-1,200 in scholarship money you can get really pays off.

2. Be smart about the classes you take. Typically, you want senior year to be the easiest year possible, your mind is on summer mode, and you are ready to move on from the beige hallways of your high school. But the thing is, a year off from a school subject is a long time to not be learning or reviewing that material. Example, if decide to be a marketing major, you have to take a lot of math classes, so even though you may have your 3 required math classes done after junior year,  not taking math your senior year could be a bad idea. It was so worth another year of math when you have to take college algebra one semester and calculus the next.

3.  Schedule your senior pictures early on. The best piece of advice we can give you is to schedule your senior pictures as soon as possible. Not only are most photographers booked several weeks out, but second semester of your senior year is pure craziness. It’s nice to get your pictures crossed off the 'to-do' list early on and know that you can have your pictures taken by the photographer you want. We are typically booked two months and we only photograph 100 seniors each year.

4.  Apply for colleges the day it opens to apply. Unless the first day college applications open is the day for early decision, apply to schools the day the applications open. A fun fact about college is that the earlier you apply and are accepted, the earlier you can pick your dorm room and classes. And as a freshman in college, your class options already aren’t going to be the best, so take any advantage you can get.

5.  Apply for at least one scholarship a week. When applying for scholarships, don't laugh at the $50 scholarships. I know you may be thinking, "What in the world would $50 get me in college?"  The little scholarships add up to so much more than you ever think they will. Every little bit you can get helps and counts towards something.

6.  Have a back-up plan. Let's be need to have a back-up plan. Sometimes, things don’t go the way we planned and the heart-breaking rejection letter comes in the mail. Please don’t be the person that only applied to one school that has to make quick decisions now on where they want to go. No matter what, the rejection letter will still bring heart ache, but at least you have a back-up plan to fall back on no matter what. And I promise, if any of this happens to you, keep your head up. It all works out for the best.

7.  Enjoy every minute of it. Before you know it, May is just around the corner and you have a last minute fitting of your graduation gown. The day that you have been waiting for since you graduated kindergarten and they announced, “And we now present to you, the future graduating class of 2018” has finally come all too soon. Enjoy every minute of it from the math tests you stress over entirely too much to how annoying everyone thinks the let out bell at the end of class is.

Special thanks to Megan June / Junior at University of MO studying Marketing for assisting with info on this article.

HS Senior Nicole Hedlund graduation collage framed by  High Point Framing & Art Gallery .

HS Senior Nicole Hedlund graduation collage framed by High Point Framing & Art Gallery.

by Nate Peterson