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Featured Stylist | Jenna Cagle

Today on the blog, featured NPDP stylist, Jenna Cagle from Spalon Montage-Woodbury.

NPDP HS Seniors: Tori Neitzke, Hailey Sager, Kaitlyn DuLyn and Kayla Price.  All hair and Make-Up by Jenna Cagle.

What are some of the services you offer at Spalon Montage?  

We are a full service salon and spa, so we offer hair, makeup, nails, massage, and esthetics services, but I specialize strictly in hair. My focuses are women's haircutting, balayage and dimensional color, and special event styling. 

What are some of the latest haircut/color trends for this Spring/Summer?

I think style trends I've been seeing are going away from shattered, piecey ends, and more toward blunt cuts with texture on the inside. I love to create channels in the hair by slide cutting, this removes bulkiness and creates internal layers. That way your ends look nice and sharp but the hair still moves and looks great straight, curly, or in between! 

Everyone loves to go lighter and brighter in the spring with their color, myself included! But I've seen so many clients recently who want a dark chocolate base color. I keep it looking summery by leaving some of their lighter ends out or adding a few pops of a golden blonde in to break it up. If you're like me and want to stay on the light side year round, rose golds and strawberry blondes are still so fun and trendy this season. Sometimes I'll start by adding just a few coppery lowlights to introduce the new tone before doing a total transformation! 

What is your favorite styling tool?  Any tricks on how to use it?

The tool I use most is 1 inch Hot Tools curling iron. It heats so quickly, has adjustable temperatures, and you can get them at Ulta in a million different sizes. I use it to make beachy waves, wrap curls for a looser effect, and create more precise curls for updos.

Favorite hair product?

Hands down, it's Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine Spray. Smells amazing, adds shine without the being heavy, protects and repairs the hair from damage and dryness, and they're coming out with a new one just for blondes that cuts brassiness too! 


My fiancé Eric and I live in Roberts. While I love having a career where I get to interact with people all day, I take my down time very seriously and love to lounge around, watch movies, and read. I consider myself an extroverted introvert so recuperation is a must! I come from a family of DIY-ers so I'm always finding things around the house to paint, replace, or spruce up. I'm a plant enthusiast and often bring home new additions even though I have no room left! When we do get out of the house we're usually at Willow River or Interstate Park hiking or seeing a movie! 

What is your favorite part about working with Seniors at NPDP? 

Working with NPDP seniors is such an amazing outlet for my creativity. Styling shoots is a totally different vibe from working behind the chair because I really get to focus on personalization. I love to see what fashion and props each person brings, find out about their everyday style and aesthetic, and create a cohesive yet versatile look that can be worn with every different backdrop and wardrobe change. Coming from an extremely fast paced salon, I don't always feel like I can spend as much time as I would like perfecting the styling aspect of my profession, and being a hair and makeup artist has allowed me to hone in on that.

Jenna Cagle

Jenna Cagle

Jenna has been an integral part of the NPDP family for the past three years!  To follow Jenna:



Salon: Spalon Montage - Woodbury

by Nate Peterson