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How to Plan Your Perfect Graduation Party

Nowadays, you practically need to hire an event planner for a Graduation party!  They certainlyhave become ‘events’ rather than a social get-together in the garage!  As a high school senior, this big bash is all about you and your accomplishments so let’s celebrate

Location!  Location!  Location!

You have two choices on where to have your party- home or at a restaurant.  There are reasons and advantages to both.  If you are looking for a cozy gathering for family & friends, then having your party at home is your best bet!  This is the perfect chance for you to serve your mom’s favorite mac and cheese or your aunt’s favorite carrot cake!  If you are looking for something a little different, then a restaurant might be the perfect change!  With a list of possible food choices, several local restaurants that can accommodate large gatherings!  And mom and dad don’t have to stress out with all the ‘home projects!’


Choose a theme or color scheme.  This doesn’t necessarily have to be your school colors.  I love this ‘Kate Spade’ inspired combo.  Your graduation party would not be complete without all those embarrassing photos of you!  But there are creative ways of showing your photos that also make great centerpieces!  Ikea lanterns are a bargain at $7.99 and easily fit a 4x6 photo.  Insert a flameless candle and watch your images glow and dusk!  Don’t forget to include a sign in board or sign.  It’s always great for guests to give you ‘life lessons!’  You never know when you are going to need it!  Be sure to show your graduation images!  Your album, wall art and gift prints are a great way to show everyone your ‘senior look!’

Invite Etiquette

Finally, but probably most important…your invitations!  Your invitations say a lot about who you are so make sure they reflect your personality and show off lots of images!  Also, be sure to mail your invites six weeks prior to your event.  (eight weeks are recommended if your event falls on a holiday such as Memorial Day or 4th of July)  This will give family and friends plenty of time to plan ahead!  And remember, for every invitation you mail out, people will send you a check so don’t be stingy on the invites!  After all, collage is expensive!  Happy Celebrating!