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The Red Lip

The Red Lip.  It's a classic on everyone from Kendall Jenner to Taylor Swift.  Getting that perfect look is easier than you might think!

1.  Start with liner.  Fill in the lips with a red color pencil and outline with a darker shade.  This may seem like a hassle but your finished look will have amazing dimension.

2.  Apply a matte lip color.  Pick a true red shade to stain the mouth and create a nice, even base of color.  Our favorite shades are Ruby Woo and Russian Red by MAC.  Make sure you stay inside the lip line. 

3.  The big finish!  You have two options.  Take a tissue and put it over your lips and dust matte power to set your lipstick.  Or, add a little glitter balm to the middle of your lip to add dimension and glamour!

Now you are all set!  Time to go show it off!

by Nate Peterson