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Get to know us - Meet Teresa

You see us but do you really know us?  Today we take a look at NPDP staff member Teresa Peterson!

Hello Everyone!  I'm Teresa, Event Coordinator at NP Design & Photography!  I created that title because I feel like every time we have a client in, it's like an event!  I answer phones, book appointments, take care of office functions and try to keep up with everyone's busy schedules!  I am very 'Type A' and like to make sure everything is in it's place!  I absolutely LOVE my job!  The people that we meet are the absolute BEST!

Prior to this, I worked at Andersen Windows for 18 years in several roles from factory, Human Resources and finally Customer Service.  I learned a lot about products, services and projects.  I think that really prepared me for my current role.  In addition, I have three years of collage from UW-River Falls before transferring to University of St. Thomas.  My one regret is that I never finished my degree.

Two people who have been huge influences in my life are my mom and my husband.  My mom taught me so much about living a healthy life-mind, body and soul.  And Nate has taught me the power of patience!  :-)

I love to golf, shop and play card & board games with friends!  I like all kinds of music except heavy metal.  I also love to travel!  I used to love to read Stephen King novels but haven't picked up a book in years!  Maybe someday I'll get the itch again!

It took several years for our business to finally be in a position to bring me on board full time and I can honestly say it was worth the wait!  I feel that I am truly doing the job I was meant to do and consider myself blessed to be able to work with so many great clients, a top-notch staff and my best friend & husband, Nate!

by Nate Peterson