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Seven Sunday Habits

Everyone hates Mondays but perhaps it's because we are not prepared for the week ahead!  Try some of these tips and see if you can start off the week on the right foot!  Make them part of your Sunday ritual!

1.  Have a slow morning.

Don't rush to get out of bed and when you finally do...make your favorite breakfast!

2.  Write a to-do list for the week.  

If you're feeling overwhelmed, this will give you clear vision of what's to come.  You might be surprised as what actually has to get done vs. what you think you need to get done.

3.  Schedule things on your calendar.  

After writing your to-do list, grab your calendar and schedule time to actually DO the things on your list!  

4.  Meal Prep.  

This is a big one!  It will save you time, stress, money and quite possibly inches on your waistline!  Trust will thank yourself later!

5.  Plan your outfits.  

Again, it will save you time and worries in the morning.  This will also make you think about what you are wearing.  Do you have items you never wear?  Maybe you can put together a couple of pieces you never thought of before!

6.  Make time for self-care.  

Sunday is the perfect day to schedule in some time for yourself and reset the week!  Two words...bubble bath!

7.  Go to bed early.  

It's important to have a good night's sleep so you have enough energy to tackle the week ahead!

Try this next week and come back and comment on how your week went!  I'd love to hear your feedback!

by Teresa Peterson