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Beating the Summer Chlorine Green!

On today's blog, Stylist Jenna Lundell gives some great tips on how to been the summer 'greens!'


Wet your hair down before you get in the pool

This is a big one. It makes SUCH a difference! If you wet your hair down thoroughly right before you hop in the pool, your hair cuticle has already absorbed all the freshwater it can hold. Hair is really thirsty, so it drinks up whatever it can find and if it's already satisfied with some pure, clean aqua, the chemicals in the water are less likely to sink in and cause the green grimy buildup. 

Use a deep conditioning masque while you swim

Instead of wetting your hair down with water before you take a dip, why not multitask and get a good deep condition in while you swim? We recommend EVO The Great Hydrator moisture mask combed thru damp hair and tossed into a messy bun or braid. Your hair will soak up all the moisture from the masque instead of the pool or lake and in case you do decide to take a full on dunk, you'll know you've got a great buffer in there so the chemicals doesn't stand a chance! 

Keep you hair out of the water

Okay, this one's obvious, but important. While we don't want to ruin your summer fun, sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is to avoid it completely. We know swim caps aren't the fashion statement of the summer, so a simple messy bun will do the trick to keep your hair elevated and out of the water.  Floatie, anyone?

Use a Clarifying Shampoo

We recommend a clarifying shampoo to anyone and everyone, but especially right after you swim. It works like a hair and scalp reset and can help remove minerals, build-up, excess product, and scalp irritation. Especially for color treated blonde hair, this is a good tool to keep on hand if you're in the pool all day! Massage in like a normal shampoo right after you're done in the pool, and follow with your regular shampoo and conditioning regimen. A good clarifying shampoo won't strip color or leave hair feeling dry and brittle. We love EVO Normal Persons Daily Shampoo for everyone. It has a clean, fresh scent and feels amazing on the scalp!   

Swimmers Wellness Shampoo and Conditioner

If you're in the pool a few times a week, you NEED this in your shower!!! This is the companion line to the Malibu in-salon Treatment (see below) but it's an AMAZING duo that works and smells great. It removes chlorine from the hair, adds back in the moisture & shine your hair has been missing, AND has antioxidants that help defend your hair from future chemical absorption. You can replace your regular shampoo and conditioner with this in the summertime so easily, and we also recommend this for your kiddos that are in the lake, river, or pool 24/7, too! 

Malibu In Salon Treatment 

This is the heavy hitter if you're a swim, sun, or outdoor addict and just can't stay away. There are lots of Malibu treatments we love for prepping color, soothing scalp irritation, removing hard water build-up, and generally fighting the harmful effects of free radicals that damage our hair every day (we looking at you convertible drivers and motorcyclists!) but the swimmers wellness packet can literally save your hair. During your treatment at the shampoo bowl, we mix the powdered crystals with a little water and scrunch it into damp hair. Depending on the severity of the chemical buildup, we might even cap it and let you process under gentle heat to really help the product do it's magic.  After a quick rinse,  shampoo, and condition, your hair has life again, the green is gone, and it doesn't feel gummy or tangley anymore! At The Hair Tailor we do Malibu Treatments for $45, but if you add on a treatment to a haircut or color service it's $35!



Jenna Lundell is an Aveda trained, licensed stylists at The Hair Tailor in Stillwater, MN.  She frequently works with NP Design & Photography to create amazing looks for high school seniors!  Connect with Jenna on Instagram @jennalundellhair.

by Teresa Peterson