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NPDP Takes Over Atlanta | Imaging 2016 | Master of Photography

For those of you that follow Nate, Teresa, Kelly or NP Design & Photography on any social media outlet, you probably noticed us out and about last month. We traveled to Atlanta for the Professional Photographers of America's Imaging Convention and Expo 2016.

Not only did we attend classes taught by industry leaders and network with other professional photographers, Nate earned his Master of Photography degree at the Degree and Awards ceremony. The Master of Photography is "awarded for superior photographic skills—demonstrated through the PPA International Photographic Competition, advanced education and service to the industry."

The images above illustrate just a few of the incredible classes we attended, people we mingled with and accomplishments we achieved. We are super excited for 2016. It's going to be a great year!

Nate & Teresa with 2016 PPA President, Michael Timmons

NP Design & Photography Building Updates!

It has been quite the winter for NP Design & Photography and High Point Framing and Art Gallery! So many changes - some of the them frustrating, challenging, fun, dusty, exciting.. Below are just a few of the many snapshots we (and when I say we, I mean Teresa) have taken over the past month and a half. A lot going on! And we aren't done yet! More to come soon!

Imaging USA 2014: NPDP Invades Phoenix

After the holiday rush, NPDP takes some time in January to plan out our year. We make individual and team goals and take significant time to educate ourselves on the latest and greatest in the photography industry. As a Certified Professionally Photography studio, we pride ourselves on constantly learning, evolving, and being the absolute best at what we do in our ever-changing and highly competitive industry. 

Therefore, every spring, we attend conferences and tradeshows across the nation to learn from the best and discover the latest technology. This year, we traveled to bright and sunny Phoenix, Arizona for five days of sun and fun... Not really. We spent most of our time holed away in conference rooms learning from the industry's best and walking the tradeshow floor. 

Although none of us got a tan or spent much time meandering as eager tourists through the city, we enjoyed ourselves immensely. Nate received his Bronze Medal for his amazing image portfolio at the PPA Grand Imaging Awards. There was a mac and cheese bar at conference closing event! The weather was beautiful. We learned about everything from SEO to pet photography to creating WOW Senior imagery. We even found an ice rink! 

But we are back now and ready to put all of our thoughts and goals to work. Below are just a few of the instagram shots we caught throughout the week. Enjoy! 


NPDP Creative Shoot December 2013

And We're Back! After Dark Education Summary

Well, we had a blast at After Dark Education, a photography workshop and hands-on learning experience, in St. Louis, Missouri this past week. We are busy catching up after being away from the studio for a week and getting ready for our busy upcoming week that includes our Senior Model Unveiling Gala and our Senior 2014 Open House. Only 9 days until the launch of our Senior 2014 Portrait Season! Seriously so excited here at the studio! It is going to be a great year! For more information on our Open House, find our Facebook event page HERE!

Below are some snapshots of our team working, learning, and creating at After Dark! Enjoy!


Our hair and makeup stylist, Shawna, making the models look crazy cool at After Dark!


Nate's mentor banner at After Dark! Sponsored by White House Custom Color - our wonderful photo lab. They are amazing and Nate did a great job mentoring and learning from other photographers at After Dark.


Nate teaching a class on projection and the art of giving our clients exactly what they want!


Shawna, again, working to make the models at After Dark look amazing for their photo shoots!


Nate working one-on-one with attendees. 

Christmas 2012... Four Months Late

Our Holiday 2012 Card Image (with Tater!)

Our Holiday 2012 Card Image (with Tater!)

Christmas, what a magical time of year!  

A time to get together with family and friends, reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the New Year!

2012 brought many changes to NP Design & Photography. The biggest being the addition of our full-time graphic designer, Kelly Knutson. As a recent graduate of UW-Madison with a degree in graphic design and marketing, Kelly has elevated our business with the latest techniques while challenging us to think outside the box. She is an integral part of our studio family.

While we were busy last year, education continued to be part of our mission at NP Design & Photography. We attended our third consecutive Wedding & Portrait Photographers International convention in Las Vegas. This annual trade show features the latest photographic equipment and classes taught by many of the best photographers from across the globe. We also attended After Dark Education workshops in Dallas and Kansas City. While Teresa and Kelly participated in various classes on customer service and marketing, Nate had the honor of being a mentor which allowed him to teach other aspiring photographers at this “hands on” workshop.

Our commitment to education paid off in October when Nate was awarded 3rd place in the state of Wisconsin and again in November when he was named runner up Senior Portrait Photographer of the Year in the Twin Cities Professional Photographer Association. This is a HUGE honor as he competed with some amazing photographers from across the Midwest!

We are thrilled with 2012 and even more excited about 2013!

On a personal note, we have our house on the market in hopes that we can sell it and remodel the lower level of the studio and become urban dwellers!  It’s exciting and scary at the same time but because we devote so much time to our business, it seems like the right decision.  Also, it will give us more time to spend as a family.  Tater, our Olde English Bulldogge, just turned nine this year and we want to spend as much time with our “baby” as possible.

In closing, we are so thankful for our amazing clients, family, and friends!  We appreciate your referrals so keep them coming!  We are committed to bringing you the ultimate level of customer service along with exceptional artwork.  Remember, we consider you more than just our clients…we consider you friends.

Wishing health, happiness and success to you and your family and loved ones in 2013!