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The Hexum Family | NP Design Photography Studio Sessions

This past December, we had the HONOR of photographing the extended Hexum family. What a joyful, kind and engaging group of individuals! We had a blast with the session which took place right here at the studio in early December. Below are a few of their favorite images and a few words from Kirk and his family. Thanks Hexums!!

From Kirk, when asked what his favorite part of the experience was: "Seeing Mom and Dad glow! Nate brought out the best in everyone!"

{Referring to the wall art and family heirloom album the family received} "They are very nice quality and will last a lifetime and more!"

"It was truly a FUN experience. Thank you!"

Kailey's Incredible Senior Photo Shoot

Kailey's Senior Session was an absolute blast! We stayed here at the studio for most of her shoot, but then ventured into the bear-infested forest :) for the very end. Such a fun time with an amazing young lady and her fantastic family. Here are a few words from Kailey and her family regarding her session and entire NPDPSENIORS experience!

"I felt like Nate captured the true essence of me. Not only did my pictures display snippets of my personality, but also of what I love to do, ie. dancing and shooting."

"We chose NP Design & Photography specifically because we loved how artsy Nate's shots are. I didn't want a bunch of pictures, but a few artsy shots. The music shot {below} he took of Kailey turned out fabulous!"

"What we enjoyed most is how original the pics are and how they reflect Kailey."

"I had a wonderful time working with Nate! He was fun and easygoing, making the procedd of taking photos a lot more exciting."

Kody's Ultimate Senior Sessions: Winter & Spring

For most of the year, we have all of our Senior Models featured in the lobby/gallery right when you walk into the studio. Almost everyone who is here for a meeting, session or whatever, takes a minute to look around and view all the art on the walls. Some admire the creativity and passion in each wall art canvas. Others look for someone they recognize on the wall. Some get inspired and dream about their future session.

In the two and half years that I have been here, never has one individual been remarked upon more than Kody, a Senior Model for the Class of 2015 from New Richmond. For anyone that knew Kody, their first words were often, "Oh, there's Kody!" in delight and admiration. One client even told us, "He is the nicest kid I have ever met."  I think that says a lot about a person; what people say about you when they think no one is listening or paying attention. And not that all of our Senior Models aren't stellar individuals (we love you all!!). Below are a few comments from Kody and his family about their experience at NP Design & Photography, his session and all the fun products he received. Thanks Hermansen Family!!

-Kelly (graphic designer)

"Nate took several experiences and passions and spit-shined them into beautiful pieces of art. Nate was very relaxed and made picture-taking a lot of fun. He wasn't afraid to get dirty or wet to take it to the next level!"

Kody's Wall Art Canvas that hung in the NPDP Gallery

"I love the wall canvas. It is Awesome! For me, it shows Kody's wisdom, strength, passion and maturity. It sums up Kody's high school football story so well."

"Nate does an amazing job! He took Kody's passions and experiences from the last 17 years, put it in a storybook album and wrapped it with a bow! It is a special keepsake that we will treasure forever! Thank you!"

Accessories for All Seasons!

Our amazing Guest-Blogger, Kayla is back with more advise as we head into the very end of Senior Portrait Season and the beginning of Family Portraits! Tons of great advise below - don't miss it!


Hello ladies!  Time to talk about ACCESSORIES (if you’re at all like me, they’re one of your biggest weaknesses).  Accessories include shoes, scarves, hats, belts, jewelry, and basically anything else that adds a little pizzazz to an outfit. 

Let’s start with the feet and work our way up! 


Wedges are one of my favorite shoes to wear in the summer and fall (they are basically high heeled sandals).  Wedges go great with any outfit, and I personally love them because of the fact that they are high heeled.  High heels are AWESOME because they elongate your legs, and tend to help you stand straighter!  While high heels can be worn during all the seasons, wedges give a more summery feel (side note: don’t worry about being too tall for high heels, embrace your height!  I’m 5’8’’ and I still wear them.). Also, boots are a must have fall and winter!  Not only are they warm and comfortable, but they are also very stylish (win, win!).  Boots are also great because they usually come in neutral colors, which mean they go with almost anything!  I have found that a nice pair of boots can polish up any fall/winter outfit!



You’ve got to love belts, they are both functional and stylish (another win, win!).   Besides their obvious job of keeping the pants up, they can also add a little extra to an outfit!  I love wearing belts when I have a shirt that needs to be tucked in, or a shirt that isn’t long enough to go past the belt loops.  Belts can really tie an outfit together, so if you feel like your outfit is missing something, try throwing on a belt!



Coming from a girl that has a whole section just for scarves in her closet, you can never have too many of them!  Scarves are SO fun, and are very trendy in the fall and winter (not to mention they keep your neck warm without having to wear a turtleneck).  Scarves add a lot to an outfit, which is why they’re so fun!  My favorite type is called the infinity scarf (which is basically a scarf with the two ends connected, they look like a circle or a loop).  These are my favorite because they’re easy to wear (just wrap it around your neck twice), and because you don’t have loose ends to worry about like a regular scarf.  Scarves can make an awesome fashion statement; however, keep in mind that scarves work the same way as all your other pieces of clothing do.  Try not to mix patterns with patterns!  If you have a patterned top, pair it with a solid scarf, and vise versa.



There are many different types of jewelry, therefore many different options in wearing it!  When wearing jewelry try to have it compliment the outfit you are wearing.  Although there are always exceptions, warmer colors tend to go well with gold, and cooler colors may look best with silver.  Also, as a general rule, wear gold and silver separately.  For example, wear a silver necklace with silver earrings, rather than a silver necklace with gold earrings.  Just like clothing can show your personality, jewelry can as well, so make it your own!  I have found that ordinary things around the house can make adorable necklaces if you put a chain through them (such as an old key, a ring that no longer fits, or a charm off of a broken bracelet).  Also, mixing and matching different sized chains with different necklaces can be helpful.  If you feel that a long necklace doesn’t go well with the top you are wearing, try swapping the long chain with a shorter one, or vice versa.  Just remember, as with everything else, that jewelry can be overdone.  Especially when getting your pictures taken, you don’t want your jewelry to distract from YOU.  Try to stick with only one bold or “statement” piece!


-Kayla, Guest Fashion Contributor
Class of 2015 Senior Model NPDP



Summer Trends for Senior Pictures - Class of 2015, Part II!

I'm back! Find Part One {Girls' Senior Picture Fashion Tips} HERE!

Men; you guys are a bit more simple. I’ll admit that I don’t know quite as much about guys fashion as I do about girls, however, I do know the basics. To the knee denim or cargo shorts are huge this time of year, and look good on anyone!  These shorts come in all different colors, so the trick is pairing them with the right top. The top can be anything from a basic T to a button down shirt, as long as the colors match!

Jeans are timeless, and are ALWAYS in style (same goes for the ladies). A good pair of jeans can make any outfit look nice, whether you are going for a more casual look (pairing them with a simple T shirt), or a dressier look (pairing them a buttoned down collared shirt).

When looking for the right top, try to stay away from anything with words.  For getting pictures done, words can often distract from YOU, which should be the focus.  This also goes for shirts that are too busy in their pattern.  Sometimes less is more, so try to stick with shirts that are more subtle and that complement you, rather than distract.

A few rules of thumb:

1. Just like the ladies, stay away from pairing patterns with patterns, or prints with prints.  If you have plaid shorts for example, pair them with a solid shirt.

 2. Brightly colored or patterned shorts can be very difficult to match, so try to stick with neutral colored shorts.  That way you can focus more on finding a shirt that you love without worrying about whether or not it matches the shorts (you still have to consider the shorts color, however if the shorts are neutral there’s a much greater chance they will match the shirt).

3. Try to buy clothes that are a bit more fitted (especially shirts).  Most guys I know are all about comfort, so they tend to go for the larger sizes.  Do your best to judge what fits your body, but ultimately what matters is what makes YOU feel confident!

Again, where can you find these trends?!  You can basically find them at any clothing store, but here are some of the stores that are popular right now for teens/young adults.  For both the men and the ladies; American Eagle, Pac Sun, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, Express (for a dressier look), Urban Outfitters, and various department stores (my favorite is Macy's).  For the ladies; Forever 21, Charlotte Rouse, Charming Charlie (a jack pot for jewelry as well), and Delia’s.  Lucky for us, the Mall of America is right next door, so if you can’t find one of these stores near you, chances are you’ll find it there!


-Kayla, Guest Fashion Contributor
Class of 2015 Senior Model


Summer Trends for Senior Pictures - Class of 2015


Hello everyone! My name is Kayla Parker, and I am a Senior Model at NPDP this year for the Class of 2015!

When I was asked if I would want to write for this blog, my immediate response was YES YES and YES.  Fashion is for SURE my biggest weakness, I could spend HOURS in one store mixing and matching different outfits! In college, I plan on studying to be a writer and editor for (hopefully) a fashion magazine, so what better opportunity to get a taste of the business than to write for this blog?!  I am ecstatic that I get the chance to try out my talent, and share some of my knowledge of fashion with YOU!

{That's Me Below!}

For any of you teens/young adults out there who are unsure of what’s “in” or where to get the latest looks, this is for you!  I am going to go over some of the latest fashion trends of this season, and where you can find them!

Ladies; summer is HERE, which means skirts and dresses are at the top of the shopping list! Both skirts and dresses are huge this year! Maxi skirts and dresses, in particular, are some of the latest trends! Maxi skirts and dresses are awesome for a couple different reasons; first off, in a season of showing skin, they can give you a more modest look while continuing to be in style. Secondly, they are SUPER comfortable (on a comfort scale from 1-10, I’d definitely give them a 10)!

Short skirts and dresses are in style this season as well! There are so many different varieties of short skirts and dresses, so you can have a LOT of fun with them.  Stores this time of the year are full of these types of skirts and dresses, so try on some different styles to figure out what suits your body and makes you feel the most confident! My favorite short skirts are the ones that are tight around your waist and flowy everywhere else. I LOVE them because they accentuate the waistline and give you an hourglass shape! They also go great with all the adorable crop tops that are out, which is just another reason to love them! 

If you are NOT a skirt/dress kind of person, have no fear!  Shorts are just as in style! High wasted denim shorts are back, and are EXTREMELY popular right now. They don’t only come in the typical light blue and dark blue denim colors; I have seen them in white, navy, black, maroon, pink, red, etc!  I have a maroon pair and I think they are wonderful because they add a little color to an outfit that would otherwise be lacking. High rise flowy fabric shorts are also a new popular trend. These shorts from a distance can almost look like a skirt, and can dress up any outfit!

With the hype for high rise, crop tops are a staple in this season’s fashion. Crop tops add an element of fun to any outfit, and are perfect for summer! They are very versatile; they can be worn with both shorts and skirts, and they can be dressy or casual depending on what you pair them with. Aside from crop tops, I could write pages upon pages about tops alone. However, I’m guessing you don’t want to read a novel about shirts, so I will keep it short. Like skirts and dresses, tops come in a large variety of styles, and the best way to find what suits your body is to try on as many different styles as you can. It’s trial and error with this one… but have FUN with it, and choose whatever makes YOU feel beautiful!

Just some rules of thumb:

1. Try not to pair prints with prints.  Most of the time it doesn’t work, so to avoid clashing, try pairing a patterned top with solid bottoms (or vice versa).

2. This doesn’t always apply, but I have found that balancing tight and flowy often works well in putting together an outfit.  If I have a flowy skirt, I’ll pair it with a tight top.  If I have a flowy top, I’ll pair it with tight bottoms.  This little rule has saved me a couple times from looking like I was either wearing a jumbo garbage bag, or about to hit the club.

3. Neutrals (such as black, white, brown, dark green, beige, navy, etc.) go with almost everything.  If you are looking for something that will be versatile, go with a neutral!

Now for the really important part; where can you find these trends?!  You can basically find them at any clothing store, but here are some of the stores that are popular right now for teens/young adults.  For both the men and the ladies; American Eagle, Pac Sun, Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch, Express (for a dressier look), Urban Outfitters, and various department stores (my favorite is Macys).  For the ladies; Forever 21, Charlotte Rouse, Charming Charlie (a jack pot for jewelry as well), and Delia’s.  Lucky for us, the Mall of America is right next door, so if you can’t find one of these stores near you, chances are you’ll find it there!

Guys are up next! Tune in tomorrow for everything the boys need to know about styling their Senior Portraits!

-Kayla, Guest Fashion Contributor
Class of 2015 Senior Model NPDP

Babies and Kids Galore: Family Pictures, Newborn Images from NPDP

For a studio that doesn't photograph many kids or babies throughout the year (we specialize in Seniors, Families, Commercial and Sports), it sure has been a busy spring filled with tiny bundles of joy, dirty diapers and gummy smiles. What fun! Check out a few of our favorites from each session below!

Our New Websites Are Up & Running!

Over the past few months, we have been working on improving our presence on the web with a revised and more relevant website for NP Design & Photography and a whole new separate site for our High School Seniors, NPDPSENIORS.COM. After much brainstorming, experimenting, research and implementation, we are excited to finally and officially share both sites with the world. Take a look around and see what you think! Any feedback can be left in the CONTACT section. 



Senior Model Unveiling Gala = Success

What a great night! Thanks to everyone that made this amazing event such a success - models, parents, stylists, Lindsay(!!) - we couldn't have done it without you. Here's to an amazing summer filled with Senior Photo Shoots and good times. Enjoy! #NPDPSENIORS #ClassOf2015