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Baby Betty!

For anyone that has visited our studio in the last year and half, you have probably seen Baby Betty featured in a wall art piece, in a mini-accordian, or in a cute boutique frame. She is everywhere in the studio because we love her and her family so much! Baby Betty first came to us 10 days after she was born and has been brightening up the studio everytime she visits ever since. For more on our journey with Baby Betty through her first year of life and some of her favorite images, keep reading!


From Betty's mom, Jen: "Nate captured Baby Betty over the course of her first year. From sleeping with boas and tiaras and pooping on dad and the backdrop at her first session, to the balloon drop on her first birthday, we all were able to see Mom, Dad, Betty, and Nate grow (sometimes with lots of patience)!"


"NPDP doesn't just take pictures. Nate creates art. We have a 9-up collage from the newborn session along with a family canvas wrap, many images from 3-month and 6-month sessions, and a large canvas that sits above Betty's dresser featuring her playing with her birthday cake (above)! Nate also spoiled us with many extra images and treats that came along with our order!"


Betty's mini-accordian book from her first birthday session featuring the balloon drop and the smash cake!


From Jen: "You only get one chance with the newborn session. Nate was kind, patient, and more than amazing. We knew from the instant we got sneak peeks of the raw images that we came to the right place. That's why NPDP will be the ONLY studio we ever to back to and more important, recommended!"


Baby Betty's visit over Christmas. Miss you! Come visit us again!