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Clear Teen Skin

Clear skin is not only important for senior's important for everyday!  We asked Heather Olson, Product Specialist and Trisha Leir, Lead Patient Coordinator from  Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Edina, MN to let us in on some of their trade secrets!

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 1.19.45 PM.png

Skin Rejuvenation Clinic is Minnesota's premier cosmetic skin and body contouring clinic and has been featured on the 'Today' show.  They have received numerous awards and pride themselves on providing a standard of excellence in improving and maintaining the beauty of your skin.  With four licensed physicians on staff, you won't just see their name in a brochure.  You will see their faces each and every time you visit their clinic.  For twelve reasons why you should choose Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, click here.

Tyler's Extreme Sports Senior Photo Shoot :: Twin Cities Photographer of the Year

Eagan Senior, Tyler, joined us last summer for a session filled with snowboarding, skateboarding, some urban downtown shoots and plenty of fun! To hear all about Tyler's session, read his comments below!

"Something I feel Nate captured was the joy of my life and what I love to do during my session. My favorite part of the session was the skateboarding park FOR SURE."

"We received these metal plate pictures and I think they are sick. Really like the look and feel."

"It was one of the best experiences I've ever had being photographed. Unless Nate takes your Senior pics, you're not getting the full value." 

Kate's Downtown Stillwater, MN Senior Photo Shoot!

Kate, a 2015 Senior from Stillwater, joined us this summer for her Senior Photo Shoot that took place here at the studio and on location in and around Stillwater, Minnesota! It was an absolutely beautiful day and Kate was a natural in front of the camera. We had a blast! Can't wait for warm weather and more fun times in Stillwater! 

Below are a few words from Kate about her session and experience at NP Design & Photography. Thanks Kate!

"Nate made sure that the locations we went to were special to me and told my story."

"My favorite item is the album because it truly tells a story. I also love the wall art!"

A few of Kate's album spreads

A few of Kate's album spreads

"It was a great experience. Nate is very talented and wants to make sure your story is told."

#NPDPSENIOR Model Applications Due January 23rd.


Class of 2016 (current Juniors): make sure to apply by 11:59PM on Friday, January 23rd. No applications will be accepted after this deadline. If you have any questions, feel free to call the studio {715.246.7510} or email us at Be sure to fill out the application as thoroughly and as thoughtfully as possible. Best of luck everyone!

Accessories for All Seasons!

Our amazing Guest-Blogger, Kayla is back with more advise as we head into the very end of Senior Portrait Season and the beginning of Family Portraits! Tons of great advise below - don't miss it!


Hello ladies!  Time to talk about ACCESSORIES (if you’re at all like me, they’re one of your biggest weaknesses).  Accessories include shoes, scarves, hats, belts, jewelry, and basically anything else that adds a little pizzazz to an outfit. 

Let’s start with the feet and work our way up! 


Wedges are one of my favorite shoes to wear in the summer and fall (they are basically high heeled sandals).  Wedges go great with any outfit, and I personally love them because of the fact that they are high heeled.  High heels are AWESOME because they elongate your legs, and tend to help you stand straighter!  While high heels can be worn during all the seasons, wedges give a more summery feel (side note: don’t worry about being too tall for high heels, embrace your height!  I’m 5’8’’ and I still wear them.). Also, boots are a must have fall and winter!  Not only are they warm and comfortable, but they are also very stylish (win, win!).  Boots are also great because they usually come in neutral colors, which mean they go with almost anything!  I have found that a nice pair of boots can polish up any fall/winter outfit!



You’ve got to love belts, they are both functional and stylish (another win, win!).   Besides their obvious job of keeping the pants up, they can also add a little extra to an outfit!  I love wearing belts when I have a shirt that needs to be tucked in, or a shirt that isn’t long enough to go past the belt loops.  Belts can really tie an outfit together, so if you feel like your outfit is missing something, try throwing on a belt!



Coming from a girl that has a whole section just for scarves in her closet, you can never have too many of them!  Scarves are SO fun, and are very trendy in the fall and winter (not to mention they keep your neck warm without having to wear a turtleneck).  Scarves add a lot to an outfit, which is why they’re so fun!  My favorite type is called the infinity scarf (which is basically a scarf with the two ends connected, they look like a circle or a loop).  These are my favorite because they’re easy to wear (just wrap it around your neck twice), and because you don’t have loose ends to worry about like a regular scarf.  Scarves can make an awesome fashion statement; however, keep in mind that scarves work the same way as all your other pieces of clothing do.  Try not to mix patterns with patterns!  If you have a patterned top, pair it with a solid scarf, and vise versa.



There are many different types of jewelry, therefore many different options in wearing it!  When wearing jewelry try to have it compliment the outfit you are wearing.  Although there are always exceptions, warmer colors tend to go well with gold, and cooler colors may look best with silver.  Also, as a general rule, wear gold and silver separately.  For example, wear a silver necklace with silver earrings, rather than a silver necklace with gold earrings.  Just like clothing can show your personality, jewelry can as well, so make it your own!  I have found that ordinary things around the house can make adorable necklaces if you put a chain through them (such as an old key, a ring that no longer fits, or a charm off of a broken bracelet).  Also, mixing and matching different sized chains with different necklaces can be helpful.  If you feel that a long necklace doesn’t go well with the top you are wearing, try swapping the long chain with a shorter one, or vice versa.  Just remember, as with everything else, that jewelry can be overdone.  Especially when getting your pictures taken, you don’t want your jewelry to distract from YOU.  Try to stick with only one bold or “statement” piece!


-Kayla, Guest Fashion Contributor
Class of 2015 Senior Model NPDP



2014 Twin Cities Photographer of the Year & 2014 Twin Cities Senior Photographer of the Year


Local Photographer Awarded 2014 Twin Cities Senior Photographer of the Year and 2014 Twin Cities Photographer of the Year

New Richmond Photographer Nate Peterson, owner of NP Design & Photography Studio, has recently added to his collection of awards this year. Nate was awarded top honors in the Twin Cities area, taking home the award for ‘2014 Twin Cities Senior Photographer of the Year’ at the Twin Cities Professional Photographers Association in Eden Prairie, MN on February 10th.  Nate’s artwork featured a collection of images from local high school seniors Keagan VanEperen and Ethan LaMirande.

Nate was also awarded 2014 Twin Cities Photographer of the year.  This collection shows high school seniors, high fashion and commercial work.  His portfolio included images of Nicole Hedlund, Jade Ha, Kendra Steinlicht, Brett Freier and Bosch Technology.

Nate was also named 2013 WI Senior Photographer of the Year back in October.

NPDP SENIORS: Officially Launching May 14th, 2014!

NPDP SENIORS . COM is coming.. Officially launching May 14th, 2014. We are creating a completely separate website for our High School Seniors. Stay tuned for updates!!

Class of 2015 Senior Model Teasers...

NPDP Senior Portrait Experience

Our Latest Video Creation

A Mini-Documentary all about the out-of-this-world, unlike anything else, one-of-a-kind, award-winning, all-around amazing, so spectacular there aren't enough adjectives and phrases to describe it Senior Portrait Experience at NP Design & Photography. Enjoy! 

And Class of 2015 - See you this summer! Get Your Image On! To inquire about Senior Portraits at NPDP, call the studio at any time 715.246.7510!

NPDP Creative Shoot - December 2013

NPDP Creative Shoot - An exercise in sharpening the skills and raising the bar on our studio portrait work. Hair & Make-up artists: Shawna Tarman, Jesse Olson, Brianna Ellevold. Photographer: Nate Peterson Digital Image Artist: Kelly Knutson Stylist: Teresa Peterson Models: Lindsay, Kendra, Mackenzie, Heather, Marissa, Kayla, Erika.