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Kaylee's Dance Explosion Photo Shoot!

Early this spring, Miss Kaylee arrived in style for her dance photo shoot along with her mom, Michelle. During her three hour session, we all had more fun goofing around with her than most days here at the studio. Equipped with all her recital outfits, hair and makeup from our amazing stylist Shawna, and plenty of attitude, Kaylee brought everyone to life as she danced to her recital songs and taught Nate a thing or two about dance posing. What a blast!

Below are a few comments from Kaylee and Michelle, along with a ton of her favorites images and snapshots of Kaylee seeing her printed Canvas Wall Art Collage for the first time. Enjoy!

From Michelle: "I just looked over at the collage that Nate gave me and the word that came to me was effortless… Sorry if that is cheesy, Kaylee just enjoyed everything about the session and so did I."

Favorite part of the session: "Just how much fun the two of them had. Laughing and being serious when they needed to be."

"NP DESIGN & PHOTOGRAPHY ROCKS. If you want great photos and a great experience then NPDP is the place you need to go. Nate and his staff spend time with you before the photoshoot, during the shoot and after. After the photoshoot you sit and get the great experience of a photo slideshow, and after you wipe away your tears, then you get to go over each picture and Nate is great at being patient and helpful during this time. We've been through this twice and counting.."

"I love love love the art piece that was done. It was my fault I could not pick which photos I wanted - there were NO bad pictures so Nate helped create something for us to show off all the great pictures."

Kaylee's 15x30 Wall Art Collage with all her favorite images.