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Styling Your Clothing to Your Home Decor for Family Portraits

You found the perfect photographer to capture your family, now deciding what to wear can be challenging.  These photos are going to be displayed on your walls and cherished for years to come!  Deciding what to wear can seem overwhelming but when you work with professionals, they will guide you through every step of the way!

Coordinate Colors - Gone are the days of everyone wearing a white shirt and matching.  Instead, pick a couple of colors and chose solids and small prints that fit the color scheme.

Look at Your Home Decor - Is your living room decorated with bright colors?  Maybe the family room has a more neutral feel.  Make sure your photo day wardrobe has those colors so that your wall portraits will be a custom fit!

Accessorize - Small accessories are perfect to make outfits pop!  Especially if a piece has sentimental meaning, like Grandma's locket or Granddad's pocket watch!  Necklaces and hats are also great for kids to play with and let's the photographer capture their personalities!

Textures are your Friend - Just like accessories, textures add depth and dimension to photographs.  Leather boots, silk scarf and knitted sweater not only look great as layers, they also have different textures that play well together.

Classic - These portraits will be on your walls so be sure to not get too trendy.  Cartoon characters are fun but can be distracting and date your images.  Keep clothing logos small as you want to show your family off, not advertise for the clothing company.

Hair & Make Up - This can be overlooked with mom getting everything ready for her family!  Take an hour before the session and let someone spoil you! Let a professional do your hair and make up.  You will be amazed and how great you will feel and it will show in your photos!

Pinterest is Your Friend - Pinterest makes it so easy for you to plan your family's wardrobe!  Pre-existing boards often link to stores where you can even purchase your items!  NP Design & Photography not only has a Pinterest board for families but also has a color palettes guide to make it easy!  

NPDP Family - The Tillys

Every once in a while a session comes along that is so fantastic that it's magical!  This is that session!  Donna & Jim Tilly have been pillars in the New Richmond community for years so it was an honor to capture their smiles, goofiness and their love!


"Nate & Teresa went out of their way to make sure that my parents were comfortable and relaxed for their session."  said Linda Aton, daughter to Donna & Jim.


"The pictures of us emotes tears!" commented Jim Tilly.


"It's hard to explain what this experience meant to our family.  To see my parents being so full of  love and tenderness towards each other and to have that captured forever in pictures is such a beautiful gift and keepsake!" stated Linda.  "This was not just a photo shoot.  This was a day that all of us will remember forever! Every step of this experience was unique and special!"


"Mom and Dad love their wall art but I think the album is their favorite!  I'm sure everyone at The Deerfield has had to take a moment to look through their book!"  - Linda


"My favorite part was when Nate said 'Dance your wife around the garden' and my dad started singing 'I'm In The Mood For Love' while Nate got some amazing shots!" - Linda

Capturing moments like this are priceless!  We are so happy we got to be a part of it!

The McNamee Family | Family Portrait Photographer Twin Cities

Loved working with the McNamee family this past holiday season! Such a fun bunch and we absolutely LOVE the image they chose for their family wall portrait. BEAUTIFUL!

The McNamee Family's Classic Wall Canvas Image

From the McNamee Family! "Fabulous Experience. Nate made it fun and we will be back for business photos soon!"

Fall Families: Andrew & Cody

Fall Families: Amy, Grant & Baby!

Fall Families: Kendra, Tyler & Chloe!

Engaged: Joe & Alisha!

The Silly Schachtner Family's Portraits!

Family Color Palettes

Here at the studio, we put in a lot of effort throughout the year to make family portraits as stress-free, fun, and memorable as possible. One of the major sources of this worry is coordinating everyone's wardrobe and making sure all your family members look and feel their best the day of the session. To help better illustrate some of the ideas, terms, and schemes we use when discussing outfits at the pre-consult, we created a helpful "Color Palettes" guide that has just hit Pinterest! Check it out. Can you tell we are excited for fall?!