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Choosing the Right Size and Right Height for Portrait Artwork

It's an age old question and one that couples often struggle with!  So I thought I would share a couple of general 'rules' interior designers use to figure out the correct sizes for hanging portrait artwork and well as how to place art as it relates to the furniture in the room.

RULE ONE: PHOTOGRAPHS ARE OFTEN TOO SMALL-THIINK BIGGER.  Here are some general rules for how big the photographs should be.  Typically, you want to try to fill as much space on the wall as you can while allowing space around the pieces so they aren't crammed towards the furniture, wall or moulding.  Remember, too big is better than too small and if you love something enough, you will find a place for it!  The best way to determine the correct size of a portrait for a particular space is to take a photo of your wall and send it to our studio so that we can virtually show you what your images will look like in your home and see how it fits with the size of your space and furniture.  Look at what a difference two 8x10's look compared to the better fitting pair of 20x24 images.

RULE TWO: PHOTOGRAPHS HUNG TOO HIGH.  You don't want the portraits so high that you cannot see them "eye to eye."  Ceiling heights do come into play if they are either very low or very high so you need to adjust both size and heights accordingly.  Most people hang artwork too high or too far apart and as a result, it looks lonely on the walls.  Looking at the diagram below, we suggest our clients display their portraits at the approximate heights above their furniture.

Let's not forget wall groupings which are a hot trend right now!  Smaller photos when grouped can have the same impact as a single large piece of artwork.  They can also showcase each of your families personalities!  Start with the largest piece in the middle of the wall and surround it with the next largest piece.  Hang the smallest ones on the outer edges.  Position the pieces no more than five to six inches apart so they don't look disconnected.  

And finally, don't be afraid to display your portraits!  It's so important to have your family on your walls so that when guests visit your home, they will know what matters most to you!

White Ash Lake Family Session | Wisconsin Photographer of the Year

Photographing our amazing client and friend, Kristina's family last summer at White Ash Lake was a great way to kick off the summer. Perfect weather, beautiful setting, great company and the images turned out incredible. Below are a few words from Kristina about her NPDP experience. Enjoy!

Kristina's family at their cabin on White Ash Lake in Northern Wisconsin.

"Every photo of our family turned out awesome. Nate captured the best smile of each of my kids, as well as each parent."

"We are so grateful to have these treasures in a wall art collage. Every time I walk into my living room, I get to enjoy all the smiles on all of my family's faces!"

Breck Turns THREE! | 2013 Wisconsin Photographer of the Year

Breck and his mom Lindsey have been incredible friends and clients for years. Every time we get to hang out with the little man, it is sure to be a great time. From his newborn session (images at the very bottom of this post) to his latest session, Breck is awesome!

So when Mr. Breck showed up for his three-year session (which was a surprise for his mom organized by his grandmother and Breck), we were ready for fun, smiles and plenty of high-fives. Breck had such a fantastic time on his photo shoot, he wrote into us with a few comments and thoughts about his experience. :)

Breck's 3-Year Canvas

From Breck's mom, Lindsey: "Nate captured all of Breck's expressions and personality."

From Breck: "Love my canvas! Also the Mini-Accordion is awesome!"

"We enjoy your work so much and love our friendship! Thank you!"

Breck's Newborn Session. So Cute!

Breck's Newborn Canvas

The Hexum Family | NP Design Photography Studio Sessions

This past December, we had the HONOR of photographing the extended Hexum family. What a joyful, kind and engaging group of individuals! We had a blast with the session which took place right here at the studio in early December. Below are a few of their favorite images and a few words from Kirk and his family. Thanks Hexums!!

From Kirk, when asked what his favorite part of the experience was: "Seeing Mom and Dad glow! Nate brought out the best in everyone!"

{Referring to the wall art and family heirloom album the family received} "They are very nice quality and will last a lifetime and more!"

"It was truly a FUN experience. Thank you!"

The McNamee Family | Family Portrait Photographer Twin Cities

Loved working with the McNamee family this past holiday season! Such a fun bunch and we absolutely LOVE the image they chose for their family wall portrait. BEAUTIFUL!

The McNamee Family's Classic Wall Canvas Image

From the McNamee Family! "Fabulous Experience. Nate made it fun and we will be back for business photos soon!"

Summer Family Portraits by NP Design and Photography

Winter Family Pictures | The Brown Family!

The Brown Family Portrait Presentation by NP Design & Photography