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Decorating Your Dorm Room

One of the best parts about going off to college is decorating your dorm room!  It's the perfect opportunity to show your sense of style!

Remember-most dorm rooms are small...I mean REALLY small!  Large, bulky furniture will also make your space even more cramped.  Opt for small chairs, desks, ottomans to make the most of your space.

Most dorms come with a bed frame so why not make your own headboard!  Using cardboard and double stick tape, you can do this quickly and easily!  And, you can change it out seasonally!

Whether you believe it or will get a little homesick for friends and family.  Displaying your photos will help you feel connected to those far away.  Add some lights and you've got instant atmosphere!

If you are lucky enough to be in a dorm room with a large wall, a photo mural will make your space look even larger!  This can make your room feel much larger without the cost or hassle of paint or wallpaper. 

Closet space is going to be at a premium so why not display a few of your fav pumps on a bookshelf or night stand!

Everyone needs their space.  To create a bit of privacy, bookcases can offer separation without making your small space feel even smaller. A bookcase can divide a room while still adding a clear decorative element. If you can't pull in another piece of furniture, floor-to-ceiling curtains will make you feel like you're in a room of your own. Using an easy-to-install curtain track, simply slide the curtains into place when you need a few minutes of alone time. An advantage — your room won't suffer from a loss of square footage.

And finally, there are websites actually dedicated to Dorm Room decor and furnishings!  Check out Dormify or Dormco for bedding, small size furniture and more great ideas!