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Clear Teen Skin

Clear skin is not only important for senior's important for everyday!  We asked Heather Olson, Product Specialist and Trisha Leir, Lead Patient Coordinator from  Skin Rejuvenation Clinic in Edina, MN to let us in on some of their trade secrets!

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 1.19.45 PM.png

Skin Rejuvenation Clinic is Minnesota's premier cosmetic skin and body contouring clinic and has been featured on the 'Today' show.  They have received numerous awards and pride themselves on providing a standard of excellence in improving and maintaining the beauty of your skin.  With four licensed physicians on staff, you won't just see their name in a brochure.  You will see their faces each and every time you visit their clinic.  For twelve reasons why you should choose Skin Rejuvenation Clinic, click here.

Client Ravs - Noah Dendinger

We love hearing from our clients and today we are excited to share Somerset senior Noah Dendinger's NPDP Experience with you!

Noah Dendinger | Somerset - Class of 2017

Noah Dendinger | Somerset - Class of 2017

Noah is all about basketball...and shoes!  "I'm very happy that Nate encouraged me to set up the shoe display." - Noah.  We truly believe in capturing your senior's personality and all that goes along with it!  "I appreciate that he researched GQ basketball image to replicate."

Noah's wall art displayed at his home.

Noah's wall art displayed at his home.

"We ordered four wall art pieces and graduation announcements.  Everyone said it was the best grad announcement they've seen!" - Beth (Noah's mom)  The quality of the wall art and frames is outstanding!"  All wall art at NPDP is available as a canvas gallery wrap, metal print or custom framed portrait.  They are finished and ready for you to hang in your house.  We make it easy of for you to go home and start enjoying your artwork immediately!

Beth was so happy with Noah's experience that she's already planning ahead!  "Reserve an appointment for Henry - Class of 2021!"  We can't wait to work with you again, Beth!  We look forward to telling Henry's story, too!

8 Movies Every Senior Should See Before Graduation

Into the Wild - Based on a true story.  Recent HS grad Charles is on track for a great college but gets rid of almost everything and travels to Alaska for adventure, experience new things and take risks.   Just don’t leave without telling your parents, that’s not cool!

Toy Story 3 - Might seem like a kid’s movie but trust me…all graduating seniors should watch it!  In this movie, we watch the toys try to figure out their life without Andy after he has outgrown his toys.  It’s so much more emotional than it should be and it will make you feel all the feels as you realize what you’re leaving behind.

Grease - All of the bad messages aside, Grease is a great movie for seniors to watch because it’s about a group of friends going through their last year together.  It will remind you to tell your crush how your feel while you still have the chance - just don’t change yourself for him/her!

Dead Poets Society - It’s the story of a poetry teacher who inspires his class.  While heavy at times, it’s also pretty inspirational and motivational.  It will make you laugh and cry and rethink everything.

The Breakfast Club - If you don’t know what this movie is about, I genuinely feel sorry for you.  Five students who are an unlikely group stuck in Saturday detention.  What could possibly happen?

Billy Madison - Is this a masterpiece?  Not even close but a guy who has to go through all of elementary, middle and high school to prove himself will remind you that if you ever want to get anywhere, you can’t slack off!

Clueless - While this movie doesn’t focus on graduation, it does focus on relationships and friendships - which isn’t that what all seniors are really dealing with?  

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off - This movie seems like it’s just about some seniors cutting class but there’s a bigger session here.  It will really make you think about what you want to do after graduation and how you;re going to meet everyone’s expectations.  It will also make you smile!

Adventure land - this movie isn’t exactly about hs seniors but it’s worth watching.  James, a collage grad who plans to travel abroad for a summer but when his plans fall through he has to get a job at Adventureland.  It’s a great comedy that will remind you that even if your plans after high school don’t go the way you want, everything will work out in the end.

James's St. Paul & Studio Session | Twin Cities Senior Photographer

If you haven't met New Richmond Senior Model, James, then you are missing out. He is one of the most well-spoken, well-liked and all-round inspiring Seniors we have photographed. As you can probably tell from his Senior images below, he's got big plans for his future and we are excited to see him achieve every last one of them. Below are a few words from James about his Senior Model experience. 

"My favorite part of my session was definitely going downtown St. Paul to the capitol building!"

"I enjoy the way I'm portrayed in my photos. They cover everything from my serious/political personality to my fun loving/smiling side of me."

"All in all my experience was most certainly an 11 out of 10! There is NOBODY else out there who is as talented and creative as Nate is, and it was truly an experience to remember!"

James' Fall Senior Photo Shoot | Twin Cities Senior Photographer

James and his family have been close friends of ours for ages. They are an entertaining, quirky, and supportive family, to say the least. So when James' (and his twin sister, Erin's) Senior photo shoots rolled around, we knew it was go big or go home.  We all had an absolute blast for the back-to-back sessions. The weather was fantastic, locations were ideal and the company was phenomenal. To quote James, "What happens at the studio, stays at the studio."

From James and his family: "He managed to capture my true smile quite a bit, which was something I was afraid wouldn't happen. His ability to tease a smile from a fatigued face is commendable."

"The collage, wallets and framed images were very impressively designed and produced. The finishes, fillers and effects were tastefully selected. The pictures turned out incredible!"

James and his sister, Erin

"The NPDP experience, from the first day of planning, to shooting, to the final reveal was simply unparalleled. It was perfect."

Ty's Senior Experience - Two Amazing Sessions!

Ty and his family joined us towards the end of the summer for his session, which turned into two (!) after the weather put a bit of a damper on things. Nevertheless, both sessions were an absolute blast and we couldn't have asked for a more understand, amazing family to work with! You guys are spectacular! Here is a few words about Ty's Senior Experience from his family! 

From Ty: "I really don't like getting my picture taken or being the center of attention. Nate made it fun, lighthearted and relaxing."

From Ty: "Glad he took the time to get to know me and my interests. Favorite memory, Nate attempting to do a pullup at the gym." :)

From Ty's parents: "We received a wall portrait, wall collage and photo album/book. Each piece is unique. Favorite is the wall portrait {below}! There is nothing we don't love about it!"

"Also LOVE the Senior album. Would recommend this to all parents!"

From Ty's parents" "AMAZING! Very thankful we participated in the entire experience with Ty. Memories we can't ever replace! We couldn't ask for a better experience. Would do it again in a heartbeat!"

NPDP SENIORS: Officially Launching May 14th, 2014!

NPDP SENIORS . COM is coming.. Officially launching May 14th, 2014. We are creating a completely separate website for our High School Seniors. Stay tuned for updates!!

NPDP Senior Portrait Experience

Our Latest Video Creation

A Mini-Documentary all about the out-of-this-world, unlike anything else, one-of-a-kind, award-winning, all-around amazing, so spectacular there aren't enough adjectives and phrases to describe it Senior Portrait Experience at NP Design & Photography. Enjoy! 

And Class of 2015 - See you this summer! Get Your Image On! To inquire about Senior Portraits at NPDP, call the studio at any time 715.246.7510!