The Four-Legged Experience

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The Four-Legged Experience

Because dogs are people too!

What does your pet mean to you?

From Nate and Teresa:

This is our Olde English Bulldogge named Tater. We were lucky enough to have her for twelve amazing years.  She was the heartbeat of our lives. We know the importance of creating lasting memories of our pets. That’s what we want to do for you! We want to photograph your pet and create wall portraits and storybook albums that capture the love, fun and whimsy of your pet and the emotion and essence of your relationship. The portraits and albums NP Design and Photography creates will be a lasting memory of your love for your pet.



Pet Sessions usually last up to an hour and normally take place at our studio. We are fully equipped to handle any breed, size, or temperament.


Custom dog photography is much more than having a good camera and a squeaky toy.

Photographing and caring for pets is a huge part of what we do at NP Design & Photography. We are very knowledgeable about dog breeds, behaviors and how to get the absolute best expressions.

It takes time for pets to let their true personality shine. We don't rush our time with your dog. Dogs live in the moment. Some dogs are fun and goofy and some are regal and proud. They have expressive faces, beautiful fur and eyes that tell so much. The pure joy of pouncing and playing with a favorite toy, the peacefulness of lying with their head in your lap and the love that is expressed when they look into your eyes. Imagine being able to hold on to those memories forever through a wall portrait or storybook album.