Our Team

Our Creative Team specializes in Senior Pictures, Family Photos, Headshots, Modeling, Pet Photography and Fashion Photography. We love design, fashion, art and creative photography. 2014 Twin Cities Photographer of the Year.


Our Creative Group

A Closer Look at the NPDP Family.


Master Photographer (M. Photog.), Professional Certified Photographer (CPP)

I used to get in trouble in grade school for my incessant doodling.  Looking back on it, I couldn’t be more proud of my supposed flaws at such a young age. It helps me to believe I was born an artist and that today, many years later, I am exactly where I’m meant to be. 

I like trying new food and experimenting a bit on my own! Sidney Crosby and Penguins’ Hockey are my favorite pastimes. And I like ‘treasures’ and collecting things. And I am a total pack rat.


Graphic Designer

I'm an alumni NPDP Senior Model and found a home in photography and design here at the studio. I interned at NPDP while studying graphic design at Winona State University until I transitioned back here to be the graphic designer. 

Besides all things design, I'm a lover of ice cream, dogs, crime shows, sharks, and smiling.



Events Coordinator

I am a totally a ‘Type A’ personality!  Everything has a place and is on a list! And I am hyper active! I am a recovered 'Diet Coke' addict. A high school teacher once told me that I should be in the theatre because my voice carries! I am totally an 80’s girl!



Frame Designer

I love being creative. I'm an organizer, chaos drives me crazy. When I'm not finding the perfect frame, I have a passion for gardening. I have way too many perennial beds! In the spring and summertime you'll find me constantly moving plants around and experimenting with my garden.